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Hipertin – Hair Loss Prevention Patches


28 Patches

  • Easy and fast application
  • Helps strengthen the hair bulb and the hair strand
  • Helps stop hair loss
  • Helps rebuild the fibers of older tissues
  • Contributes vitamins and antioxidants to scalp and hair


The Anti Hair-Loss Patches are a high-precision treatment with an intensive effect, which act directly on hair growth and micro-blood circulation at the root level. The active ingredients contained in the inner face of the patches are transported to the root of the hair.

Each patch works by progressively releasing the active ingredients over 24 hours gradually and continues to ensure a constant flow of nutrients.

It is a therapy that adapts the controlled release of active ingredients to the absorption capacity of the skin at constant levels, thus maintaining the gradual release for longer.

Active ingredients and components:

The Hair Loss Prevention Patches consist of a protective film, a polyethylene base and a layer containing the cosmetic formulation. Their effectiveness is based on the combination of the following plant extracts:

Ruscus Aculeatus:

Extract of natural origin that acts on the micro-circulation of the scalp, avoiding congestion in the hair bulb and thus allowing better access of nutrients to the root, strengthening it and preventing hair loss.

Bambosa Vulgaris:

Bamboo has a remineralizing effect that protects structures from erosion and wear, helping strengthen fibers and therefore give structure to aged structures.

Serenoa Repens:

It provides oils with a wide variety of fatty acids and acts by inhibiting the transformation of testosterone to DHT (didroxid testosterone) locally in the scalp, preventing it from damaging the development of hair follicles on the scalp.

Vitis Vinifera:

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants that nourish the hair and prevent hair aging.


Purine nucleotide lined by the union of adenine and a ribose ring, present in all humans. The intracellular messenger that generates adenosine raises the levels of fibroblast growth factor, prolonging the growth phase of the hair and contributing to long-term development.

Application mode:

It is presented in a single dose, guaranteeing the ideal amount for each application: 1 single dose per day. Product with a pleasant touch that allows for a comfortable and fast application.

Before applying, clean all grease from the area to prevent the patch from coming off. Leave it to act for 24 hours. The treatment consists of a daily application of a patch to the nape of the neck for 3 months.


• Do not apply more than one patch simultaneously.
• Do not apply it to sensitive areas, wounds or mucous membranes.


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