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Hipertin – Hydro Color


Net weight: 300ml

  • Provides total colour protection
  • Helps nourish and condition hair
  • Helps protect hair fibres from the sun’s rays and other external damage
  • Provides longer-lasting complete protection for hair
  • Provides a shiny and elastic effect
  • Helps increase the softness of hair


HYDRO COLOR Treatment Balm is a soothing treatment that is especially suitable for hair that has been dyed and/ or highlighted as it provides protection against the degradation of hair colour.

Hair is left nourished, soft and shiny, while the Vitamin E and the UVB/UVA Solar Filter provide longer-lasting total colour protection. Its exclusive formula which contains Argan Oil helps condition and nourish hair, leaving it feeling supple, shiny and soft. Not only does it protect hair from external damage, it also provides elasticity and conditioning.

Active ingredients and components:

ARGAN OIL: EArgan oil has been used in hair care for centuries thanks to its numerous properties which help bring softness, hydration, protection and strength to the hair fibres.
The oil is also rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid and natural tocopherols which give the oil properties which fight free radicals and, therefore, anti-ageing properties.

UVB/UVA SOLAR FILTER: A component included in the formula which protects the hair shaft from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. This filter forms a protective film around hair which helps protect its quality and maintains its colour for a longer period of time against the effects of the sun’s rays and other external damage.

How to apply:

Once the hair has been washed with LINECURE COLOUR CARE SHAMPOO, apply the balm to the tips and middle section of hair. Leave the product on for 3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water.


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