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Hipertin – Top+Fixity


New wight: 500ml | 900ml

Create homogeneous, elastic and long-lasting curls, leaving hair looking natural and healthy. Formulated specifically to shape hair without damaging its structure.



Top+Fixity products have been specially developed to provide perming solutions. The main objective is to create consistent and vigorous curls, leaving the hair with a natural and healthy appearance, in addition to protecting and nourishing the hair.


Stabilized perm that, thanks to the hydrolyzed wheat germ protein that acts as a conditioner, combines great curl strength with excellent hair care. Three curl setting intensities available:

  • TOP 0: Strong and difficult hair
  • TOP 1: Natural hair
  • TOP 2: Dyed and bleached hair


Neutralizing liquid specially created for TOP Hipertin perms. Returns natural balance to the hair after the perming process. After use, hair is elastic, shiny, with perfectly closed cuticles, ready to show all its beauty.


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