Koru Pharma – Mesoheal Shape

10 ml


  • Body contouring and reshaping
  • Volumising
  • Convenient package
  • Highly-purified stabilised hyaluronic acid
  • Smooths the skin and combats cellulite
  • Small HA particles enable easy modelling of desired shape
  • High degree of viscosity that ensures shape firmness
  • General anaesthesia is not required
  • No incisions and no scars
  • Quick recovery period (compared to plastic surgery)
  • Stable moulding strength


Mesoheal Shape – Hyaluronic acid based body filler, especially designed for the body contouring, shaping and administration of minor to major aesthetic corrections.
High-precision filler for contouring and remodelling of areas of the body with deficit of volume or lack of distinctive shape. Mesoheal Shape also effectively fights cellulite and skin irregularities.
Hyaluronic acid in Mesoheal Shape has the highest level of purification due to MCO™ Tech. purification technology developed by Koru Pharma. The technology also ensures maximum safety for the patients and the practitioners, minimal residue of cross-linking agent, endotoxins and proteins, which minimises possibilities of adverse reactions.



  • Asymmetry in the buttocks and hips
  • Uneven skin surface, including cellulite
  • Undefined body contours
  • Contour correction of genitals (enlargement of labia majora, penis)
  • Subcutaneous tissue loss due to liposuction
  • Funnel chest
  • Asymmetric calves
  • Atrophic skin changes related to surgery and traumas
  • Angular appearance of implants


1 box / 1 syringe x 10 mL


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