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akytania – Foam Bubbles


Net weight 150 ml

  • Perfectly clean and fresh skin
  • Deep hydration
  • Softness and flexibility in the skin
  • Does not dry or irritate the skin


Daily Use Facial Cleansing Soap

Foam Bubbles Frequent Use Facial Cleansing Foam, with 94% natural ingredients, cleanses and removes residue and impurities, without irritating the skin, providing it with an extraordinary concentration of plant active ingredients. With each use you will notice a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and hydration of your skin.

Its natural perfume combines green tea leaves, lavender flower, bergamot, lemon, jasmine and iris. A refreshing, exotic and stimulating fragrance that will become an experience for the senses.

Foam Bubbles facial cleansing foam is the perfect natural product for your skin care thanks to its vegan, natural, #crueltyfree and sustainable formula. Suitable for all skin types.

How To Use It?

• For a double cleanse, first remove impurities and remains of make-up with Herbal Infusion micellar water from akytania.

• Shake the product before use to homogenize the natural ingredients well.

• Apply two pumps of Foam Bubbles facial cleansing foam.

• On damp skin, massage with fingertips in circular motions for 2-3 minutes.

• Remove with plenty of warm water.

• Enjoy a clean face, free of impurities.


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Visible benefits and results


The Foam Bubbles facial cleansing foam will provide hydration, nutrition and softness to the skin.

It eliminates the waste generated by the skin itself, such as oily secretions, sweat or toxins; also the remains of the products that we can apply to the skin such as makeup or sunscreen; it also cleanses your skin from environment dirt such as pollution. All these factors can be the cause of the appearance of pimples, blackheads or imperfections.

Daily facial cleansing is important to maintain healthy skin, whether you wear makeup or not, whether you live in a rural setting or a big city.

Its natural formula reduces irritation and the dry effect of the skin and will keep your skin more hydrated and clean, leaving your skin ready for the application of subsequent treatments.


An extraordinary formula


Foam Bubbles facial cleansing foam creates a soft foam to deeply cleanse the face, without altering the natural barrier of the skin.

Cleans and removes residues and impurities, without irritating the skin. Thanks to its foamy texture, it is much softer and less aggressive in its application.

These are some of its super ingredients:

Olivoil PCA: helps hydrate and nourish the skin, helps provide softness, contributes to the reduction of trans-epidermal dehydration.

Rosemary Water: with a high antioxidant power. Helps combat sagging, paleness and wrinkles. It helps firm the skin, provides hydration and acts as an antioxidant, decongestant and anti-inflammatory for bags and dark circles. In addition, it has an effect that helps healing.


Innovation and naturalness


akytania is a brand born after years of research where our main objective has been to develop natural products that take care of the skin from the inside. All our formulas are developed from natural ingredients of Mediterranean origin. We strive for natural beauty, without filters, a beauty that takes care of your skin by giving it exactly what it needs.