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akytania – Nutri Repair Conditioner


Net weight 250ml

  • Moisturizing effect
  • Strengthens hair fibers
  • Bright and smooth result
  • Say goodbye to the anti-frizz effect
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The Nutri Repair repairing hair conditioner is a natural product designed with a special formula with Hyaluronic Acid to repair the hair fiber, providing immediate hydration and achieving shiny, soft and nourished hair. The hair fiber will absorb the nutrients and become stronger and more flexible, preventing breakage.

  • Moisturizing effect
  • Strengthens hair fibers
  • Bright and smooth result
  • Say goodbye to the anti-frizz effect

Its natural perfume with an incredible citrus aroma with bergamot and black currant combined with floral notes of jasmine and sweet notes of vanilla and patchouli will enchant you.

The Nutri Repair hair repair conditioner is suitable for all hair types. This hair treatment will make your hair hydrated and shiny thanks to its vegan, natural, #crueltyfree and 100% sustainable formula.

How To Use It?

Wash your hair with akytania Natural Shampoo.

Apply a generous amount of the Nutri Repair Conditioner to wet hair, distributing it from the middle to the tips. If your hair is fine or greasy, avoid applying it to the roots to maintain its natural volume.

Let the product work for 1-3 minutes.

Rinse hair with plenty of water.


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Visible benefits and results

Nutri Repair silicon-free hair conditioner is the definitive product for keeping your hair hydrated, shiny and healthy. Its extraordinary formula with hyaluronic acid will give you instant hydration, prolonging its nourishing action for up to three days after application.

This conditioner is formulated with 89% natural ingredients and will give you an immediate repairing and nourishing effect thanks to its regenerating and conditioning agents.

An extraordinary formula

Nutri Repair Conditioner is a hair treatment to improve the appearance of hair. When we wash the hair, it water so it becomes weaker and more fragile, making the use of conditioner a fundamental step for hair care. Its natural formula will hydrate without weighing it down, and it will also control frizz. Its incredible formula developed with natural ingredients of Mediterranean origin will make your hair healthy and radiant immediately. Our Nutri Repair formula adapts to the needs of any hair type, be it straight, curly, colored or with highlights. These are some of its super ingredients:

– Hyaluronic acid: a powerful active ingredient known for its ability to retain water. This effect achieves immediate hydration, resulting in shiny and silky hair.

– Sunscreen: helps prevent the action of free radicals in your hair.

Innovation and naturalness


Akytania is a brand born following years of research. Our main objective has always been to develop natural products that take care of the skin and hair from the inside. All our formulas are created from natural ingredients of Mediterranean origin. We are committed to natural beauty, without filters, that cares for your skin and your hair by giving them exactly what they need.