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akytania – Shiny Eyes Eye Contour


Net weight 30 ml

  • Rejuvenates your look
  • Counteracts the causes that produce the appearance of dark circles
  • Raises the eyelid
  • Illuminates the skin, improving microcirculation, reducing the “dark circles” effect.
  • Results in just 14 days!
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The Shiny Eyes eye contour for frequent use, with 99% ingredients of natural origin, helps care for your eyes on three points: dark circles, wrinkles and eyelids.

The Shiny Eyes eye contour contains a natural perfume inspired by winter flowers. It combines aromas of green leaves with the freshness of roses, mimosa flowers and cloves. An explosion of aromas that will make the application on the face an incredible sensation for the senses.

The Shiny Eyes eye contour is the perfect natural product for caring for your skin in the eye contour area thanks to its vegan, natural, #crueltyfree and sustainable formula. Suitable for all skin types.

How To Use It?

• After cleansing the skin of your face, apply the product around the eye massaging gently from the temple to the tear duct and vice versa, until completely absorbed.

• Wait a few seconds for the product to finish absorbing completely to continue with the rest of the Facial Care Ritual.



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Visible benefits and results


The Shiny Eyes eye contour cares for your eyes on three points: dark circles, wrinkles and eyelids.

It helps rejuvenate your gaze, counteracts the causes that produce the appearance of dark circles and raises the eyelid. Its formula also acts as an anti-aging, anti-dark circles and has an illuminating effect.

• Visible results from 15 days.

• Reduction of dark circles up to 19%.

A concentrated super power!


An extraordinary formula


The Shiny Eyes eye contour is formulated with a blend of two white flowers for multifunctional eye contour care. These natural active ingredients help reduce dark circles and lift the upper eyelid with results after just 14 days. They also improve the microcirculation of the skin around the eyes and reduce protein glycation for a firming and illuminating effect.

Two beautiful white flowers: Arabian Jasmine, rich in iridoid glycosides and flavonoids, traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and Hawthorn, rich in flavonoids and traditionally used to treat circulatory problems.

Innovation and naturalness


akytania is a brand born after years of research where our main objective has been to develop natural products that take care of the skin from the inside. All our formulas are developed from natural ingredients of Mediterranean origin. We strive for natural beauty, a beauty without filters that takes care of your skin by giving it exactly what it needs.