FaceBoom – Skin Dopamine – Strengthening and balancing vitamin C serum


If you start to notice fine lines and wrinkles, Regenerating Firming Serum will become your skin’s best friend. It will take care to make it smooth and help improve your skin’s elasticity.


Prefer serums that feel light on your skin? Pick it! Strengthening and balancing vitamin C serum is water-based. Its key ingredient, vitamin C, brightens, soothes, and moisturizes. Add it to your retinol treatment for anti-aging effects. It will help you find out why vitamin C serum is a skincare game-changer.

How to use:

In the morning and evening, apply the serum onto your cleansed face, neck and cleavage and leave it on to absorb. You can use it interchangeably with FaceBoom Skin Dopamine highly moisturizing serum.

How can it help?

Its light, gel texture based on ultra-stable 4% vitamin C has a brightening and balancing effect. It also help fight fine lines. By using this serum in your retinol treatment, It can enhance its anti-aging effect and help smooth out fine wrinkles. Remember not to add it to your routine if you are just starting your journey with retinoids – It is more suited for skin that is used to retinol’s effects.


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