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Hipertin – Platinum


Net weight: 60ml

  • Excellent gray coverage
  • More durability, vibrant colors that last longer
  • Re-hydrated hair, with a sublime shine
  • Innovative colors, more intense and brilliant shades
  • Treating effect, extreme softness
  • Visibly younger hair, thanks to its anti-aging effect
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Exclusive color range that contains Plex technology in its formula, an active ingredient of plant origin that helps strengthen the internal molecules of the hair and minimizes the aggression of technical processes.

Hipertin Platinum’s formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid, provides a highly moisturizing effect that actively improves the structure of the hair fiber, providing elasticity to the hair and acting against the effects of external aggression and the passage of time.

PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) has been removed from the formula, replacing it with PTD (Paratoluenediamine). Range of intense tones, full of life. Thanks to the active ingredients that favor the penetration of color into the hair cortex, we defy the color challenge, guaranteeing total coverage, even in light tones.

Active ingredients and components


Powerful active ingredients which favor the penetration of color into the hair cortex. With Platinum we ensure that the color is not altered and lasts longer, achieving greater pigment penetration and better color durability.


Thanks to its molecular structure, said silicone acts as an emollient and protective agent, adhering to the hair fiber, forming a permanent layer that softens the hair and protects it from external aggressions. Thus, it prevents the loss of hydration and protects the color, providing a spectacular shine, typical of healthy and cared for hair.


It contains active ingredients that prevent the sensation of itching, with soothing and anti-irritant properties, which provide comfort and care for the scalp.


Its main benefit is the high hydration power it provides to the hair structure, compensating for the negative effects caused by the sun, environmental factors, aggressive treatments and other circumstances that cause water loss in the hair, leading to breakage, dryness, loss of color and shine. Thanks to its action, the hair retains more moisture, which favors the capillary fiber scales to remain closed and better reflect light rays on the hair, giving it a spectacular shine effect. The cuticle being healthy and hydrated results in an improvement of the intensity and durability of the color in the hair. The hair’s appearance is healthier, more resistant and flexible.

Method of application

The coloring creams of the UTOPIK PLATINUM range are mixed in equal parts: 1:1. That is, the content of 1 tube of 60ml. mixed with 60ml. of UTOPIK-Ox oxidant.

• 1 tube of 60ml + 60ml of oxidant; 1: 1
• UTOPIK PLATINUM: 30min exposure

The secret of PLATINUM is the perfect combination of innovative treatment actives and advanced technology colorants.

Its extraordinary formula supports the positioning of PLATINUM as an exclusive dye:

  • HYALUROX SYSTEM, provides an Anti-Aging effect on the hair
  • HIPLEX PROTEIN, highly treating effect and extreme shine
  • PPD free
  • GRAY COVERAGE, thanks to its active ingredients, it penetrates better inside the hair, even in light colors.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE, specific actives that help reduce itching during the application of the dye and conditioners that provide softness.
  • Coloring suitable for VEGANS. All this allows that, after the coloring process, the hair maintains its balance and looks shiny and luminous.

Its natural bases are cold without becoming green, with which we achieve a more natural gray coverage. The menu has a wide range of browns, ashes, coppers, reds and iridescent, in addition to the PLATINUM Super-lightening tones, which complete the range with a wide range of shades.

Format: 60 ml Tube.

PLATINUM 1:1 mixture

PLATINUM BLOND 1:2  mixture. For better whitening, use 30 vol. (9%) or 40 vol. (12%)


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