SHEFOOT – Anti-Fatigue Foot and Leg Gel


Anti-Fatigue Foot and Leg Gel is a light gel for everyday use on legs and feet provides a nice relaxing feeling and cools tired or swollen legs.

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Anti-Fatigue Foot and Leg Gel pleasantly relaxes and cools tired or swollen legs. The diosmin and horse chestnut extract contained in it support the lymphatic system. Other ingredients of the gel strengthen the walls of blood vessels, thus reducing the resulting swelling and eliminating pain. The gel for tired legs also con- tains glycerin and panthenol, moisturising ingredients that protect the skin from excessive water loss..

Chestnut extract, diosmin and hesperidin strengthen vascular walls and improve circulation which reduces swelling, brings relief and relaxation. Heavy legs and tenderness are minimised. Moreover, the gel contains moisturisers that protect skin against excessive dryness. Recommended especially to individuals with the tendency towards oedema and heavy legs, or spending long hours standing or walking.

How to Use:

Massage the gel into the feet and legs until absorbed. If you want to give yourself a foot massage, rub the feet moving towards the top.

Active Ingredients:

  • Glycerine – strongly moisturises also the deeper skin layers
  • Panthenol (provitamin B5) – reduces irritation, hydrates and regenerates the skin
  • Chestnut extract – eliminates swelling, seals and strengthens blood vessel walls.
  • Diosmin – improves circulation, increases lymph flow, eliminates redness and makes leg dilated blood vessels less visible (the so-called “spider veins”)
  • Hesperidin – has anti-inflammatory and protective effect to blood vessels, supplies oxygen and decreases vein wall tension
  • Menthol – provides a feeling of freshness, reduces signs of fatigue


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