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Hipertin – ACID PH Shampoo


New wight: 1000ml

  • It helps to regulate the natural PH of the hair.
  • It helps to stop the processes of dehydration and aging of the scalp.
  • It has conditioning effects.
  • Provides shine and elasticity.
  • Gives the hair a silky touch.
  • Pleasant and refreshing lemon scent.
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The Acid PH Shampoo is especially indicated to regulate the natural PH of the hair after a technical process of dyeing, bleaching, etc.

It is formulated with low irritation neutral components and conditioning polymers that help to regulate the hair’s PH. Its active concentrate of natural and surfactant ingredients helps to strengthen the hair from the root making it twice as resistant and with a pleasant lemon essence that provides more shine, softness and conditioning to the hair, giving it a silky touch.

The Professional Acid PH Shampoo restores the hair’s natural PH and its original structure, making it look shiny, silky, loose and light.

Active ingredients and components:

  • Raw materials with conditioning properties
  • Main surfactants: For detergency and foaming capacity.
  • Secondary surfactants: To improve and give softness to hair.
  • Natural derivatives of Guar Gum that give a silky touch.

Method of application:

Put a dose of Acid PH Shampoo on your hand and distribute it uniformly on the wet hair, massage with the fingertips on the scalp until obtaining abundant foam.
Then rinse and repeat the application allowing the shampoo to act for a few minutes to help regulate the hair’s PH. Finally, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

The Acidic PH Shampoo effectively cleans while regulating the PH level of the hair after technical dyeing or bleaching processes!


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