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Hipertin – Color Ritual


Dyed hair requires special care. By using the right products, colour lasts longer and we are able to extend its brightness and tone.

It is important for hair to be well hydrated.

Dehydration affects the hair when it cannot retain enough water between the cuticles, leaving the hair looking dull, feeling rough to the touch and suffering from static electricity more easily.

This is easy to combat with Ritual Color.

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Specially indicated for dyed hair or hair with highlights. Its formula, rich in Argan Oil, Peach and Sunflower Seed extracts, protects and moisturises hair against external aggressions and helps to repair UV damage, holding its colour and preventing its ageing after the colouring process. Provides shine and flexibility to the hair.

Its mixture of ingredients achieves perfect hydration for the hair, causing the cuticle to remain closed and, therefore, retain the colour that has been applied. Helps strengthen hair fibre, increasing resistance to hair breakage.


Balsamic treatment specially indicated for dyed and/or highlighted hair, providing protection against hair colour degradation.

Vitamin E and UVB/UVA Solar Filter provide total colour protection for a longer time. Its exclusive formula with Argan Oil helps nourish hair, leaving it elastic, shiny and soft. Its mix of conditioners promotes conditioning and improves combability in both the short and long term.


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