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Hipertin – Grease Control Shampoo


  • Very soft shampoo with a dense texture
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • A refreshing and relaxing effect
  • Prevents itching during and after washing
  • Conditions the hair
  • Reduces the electro static charge of the hair
  • Contains a surfactant mixture that is designed to eliminate excess sebum from the hair.
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GREASE CONTROL Shampoo is especially suitable for oily hair, having been developed to combat the excess secretion of sebaceous glands. Its main function is to regulate seborrheic flow and to balance scalp dysfunction, leaving it free from impurities. Thanks to the immuno-stimulating help of its components, the bright and natural appearance of the scalp is recovered. It acts on the hair and scalp by reducing and eliminating excess oil that is present in the hair.

In so doing, regular use of GREASE CONTROL shampoo will eliminate excess sebum and regulate its production.

Active ingredients and components:

• GRAPE SEED EXTRACT : Grape seed is rich in various vitamins and, as a consequence, it contains several properties for both skin and hair. It is an extract of natural antioxidant, anti-ageing, nutritious and restorative origin.

Its properties make it an invaluable ingredient for the treatment of scalp conditions, particularly excess sebum in both hair and scalp as its application regulates seborrheic flow.

• COCO GLUCOSIDE, SURFACTANTS AND BETAINE : This is a surfactant derived from coconut oil, from glucose extracted from grains, potatoes and wheat. These plant components are beneficial for providing the shampoo with a soft effect. The mix of these surfactants with sodium lauryl ether sulphate and betaine significantly reduces irritation, especially in cases of oily hair and hair with dandruff. It also helps to produce a greater lather.

The combination of these three components considerably reduces irritation, which is common for oily hair and hair with dandruff. It also helps to produce a better lather for easier washing.

Method of application:

Apply the product on wet hair and emulsify by massaging until a lather is achieved; completely rinse all the shampoo out.


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