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Hipertin – Utopik Oil


New wight: 125ml

  • Helps prevent dye stains on the skin.
  • With anti-irritant properties.
  • Helps keep skin hydrated and lubricated.
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UTOPIK OIL anti-stain dermocapillary protective oil is an ideal water-soluble oily solution to prevent this type of stains, as it can be easily distributed before starting the coloring process and does not interfere with the development of the coloring process or with the color.

Thanks to its exclusive formulation, UTOPIK OIL prevents dye stains, making them disappear easily and comfortably without irritating the skin.

Active ingredients and components:


This component contributes and helps keep the skin hydrated during the technical processes of coloring, lubricating the surface of the skin. Thus facilitating the subsequent removal of dye stains, especially around the ears, forehead and neck.

Application mode:

One of the main characteristics of the UTOPIK OIL anti-stain dermocapillary protective oil is the ease of application of the product. Thanks to its formulation, a higher density has been achieved, thus preventing it from dripping.

Before starting the coloring process, a small dose of UTOPIK OIL should be applied with the first finger on the area to be protected from staining. Remains of Utopik Oil can be easily removed with a cotton pad soaked in hot water.


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