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Hipertin – Nutri Repair Shampoo


  • Gives hair shine and texture
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Nourishes and repairs the hair
  • Makes styling easier
  • A soft shampoo with a dense texture
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With NUTRI REPAIR shampoo from the LINECURE range, achieve complete nutrition for your hair by reducing and eliminating the hair’s dryness.

A treatment shampoo, especially suitable for damaged hair. The combination of Seaweed Extract and Golden samphire creates a resilient, non-greasy layer that nourishes the hair, making your hair nutritious, bright and silky.

Active ingredients and components:

• GOLDEN SAMPHIRE : Of plant origin, Golden samphire (Inula crithmoides), one of its main components are Glycolipids, which help to strengthen the cohesion of the hair’s lipids, thus providing better hair protection and restructuring, while helping to prevent oxidation and degradation of the hair bulb.

Actions on the hair shaft:

  • Protective
  • Strengthens and maintains cohesion

Results obtained following application:

  • Preserves the natural hair colour
  • Intensifies hair shine
  • Makes styling easier
  • Produces a soft touch to the hair
  • Provides in-depth nourishment

• SEAWEED EXTRACT : Seaweed extract contains, in its inner quantities, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are very beneficial for the health of our hair, because it helps to repair and tone the hair by hydrating it and providing it with minerals. The benefits produced by seaweed extract facilitate styling, add texture and shine and leave a smooth and silky finish to the hair.

• OLIGOGELINE – Plant Silicone: This is a Chondus Crispus (Carrageenan) seaweed extract. It forms a continuous and homogeneous coating on the hair. Its action is long-lasting, thanks to the mimetic action between hair proteins and carrageenans. It acts as a non-occlusive plasticiser. Thanks to its mineral composition it stimulates the hair’s keratinisation. Its effects on the hair are:

  • Improves brightness
  • Improves softness

• POLIQUATERNIUM 7 : Conditioning ingredient that provides wonderful softness to the hair.

Method of application:

Apply the product on wet hair and emulsify by massaging until a lather is achieved; rinse hair. Repeat, and completely rinse all the shampoo out.


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