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Hipertin – Sideral Peptide Total Rescue


Hipertin – Sideral is the result of a new vision of the Linecure range regarding hair care, the care of our most valuable natural resources and the evolution towards a clean, sustainable, and respectful; with us and with our enviroment, hair cosmetics

  • Reduction of capillary damage when applied in technical processes
  • Reduction of hair damage when applied in thermic processes
  • Helps to increase hair strength
  • Helps balance keratin levels in hair
  • Helps deep repair
  • Helps to increase the strength of the hair fibre
  • Helps restore hair vitality
  • Makes hair more resilient
  • Helps reduce hair breakage
  • Anti-frizz effect
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Hipertin – Sideral Elixir with peptides designed and indicated for damage and very damaged hair by chemical or thermal processes. Its genuine and exclusive vegan formula contains BGT HAIR-KPRO PEPTIDE, innovative polypeptides based on the structure of keratin. Their functions reach inside the hair fibre to contribute to its repair, helping to restore the integrity of the hair, providing nourishment and reducing breakage, thus improving the hair’s strength and resistance.
This formula is complemented by different natural active ingredients of the highest quality that complement the effectiveness and results, such as Betaine, Hyaluronic Acid, Rice and Olive Oil, Macadamia and Vitamin E, making it a new innovative and effective product with surprising results.

Active ingredients and components

  • BGT HAIR-KPRO PEPTIDE: Innovative polypeptide of natural origin and obtained through the most advanced biotechnology. It is based on the structure of keratin and its proteins. Peptide optimised for the repair and restructuring of the natural keratin of the hair fibre. Its amino acids together with the special cysteine they contain optimise the hair molecularly, interact massively and effectively penetrating the hair cortex, providing a balancing, strengthening and repairing function of the hair fibre.
  • MACADAMIA: This nut is a magnificent source of benefits for the good condition of the hair. It helps to make combing easier, thus reducing hair breakage. Leaving a shinier, silkier and smoother finish.
  • VITAMIN E: Beneficial for the hair thanks to its antioxidant properties. It helps to promote good blood circulation in the scalp, thus increasing the vitality and strength of the hair and protecting it from damaging external factors.
  • HYALURONIC ACID: Provides a highly moisturising effect on the hair, preventing water loss and providing nourishment, restoring its natural texture and balance.
  • BETAINE: A component extracted from beetroot, it strengthens the hair and protects it from heat damage. Increases the moisture retention capacity of the hair fibre, improving the shine and softness of the hair.
  • RICE OIL: With moisturising properties that help combat dryness, and nutrients that provide strength and help reduce hair fibre breakage. Improves hair’s shine and appearance.
  • VEGETABLE ACTIVE INGREDIENT DERIVED FROM OLIVE OIL: Rich in antioxidants that protect the hair against external aggressions. It also has a soothing function against itchy scalp. Contributes to boosting collagen creation for thicker, stronger hair.

Method of application

It is important to shake the product before use.

    In coloring apply 3 pipettes (2.4 g) per tube; in super-lightening dyes apply 4 pipettes (3.2 g) per tube. For bleaching apply 1 pipette (0.8 g) per 10 grams. In all cases, mix and use normally. Helps to avoid itching, does not vary the lightening or covering power.
    Apply 3 to 5 pipettes (between 2.4 and 4 g) in the amount of treatment product required according to the length of the hair, apply the mixture and massage from mid-lengths to ends, leave on and rinse.
    Apply 3 to 5 pipettes (between 2.4 and 4 g) on damp hair and massage from means to ends, depending on the length of the hair. On dry hair, apply 1 to 2 pipettes (between 0.8 g and 1.6 g) depending on the length of the hair, and apply only on the ends.


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