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Hipertin – Style Fixing No Gas Hairspray


Net weight: 285ml

  • Strong and flexible hold
  • No gas
  • Natural hair finish
  • Smooth, silky and natural finish
  • Conditioning effect
  • Protects the hair fiber from humidity
  • Densifying and volumising effect
  • Residue-free and easy to remove
  • Mild and pleasant fragrance
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Style Fixing is a spray with exclusive no gas formula with strong hold. Ideal for all hair types. Leaves a natural finish and allows the hair to be styled according to the desired style.

The active ingredients contained in the formula form an adherent film that is resistant to humidity and provides softness and silkiness to the hair. Its extracts also help to add density and volume. With a pleasant floral and fruity fragrance.

Its development means that the hairspray does not clump or leave residue on the hair and can be easily removed by brushing.

Thanks to the developed no gas formula and the new non-pressurized (no gas) spray bottle, we have developed an environmentally friendly hairspray product.

Active ingredients and components:

• CYCLOPENTASILOXANE: Specific active ingredient that forms a film on the hair, making it soft, shiny and flexible

and facilitating combing. With non-greasy properties.

• MEZCLA DE ACTIVOS: Creates an adherent, non-sticky film on the hair that is resistant to humidity.

• PHENYLTRIMETHICONAS: Its conditioning function helps to provide hair with flexibility, volume, lightness, softness and shine while facilitating combing.

• AMPHOMER: Rigid resin with exceptional holding power to control hair shape under different temperature and humidity conditions while leaving hair flexible.

• WHITE NATTLE EXTRACT : White nettle is a natural source of vitamins and minerals for the hair. The extract helps to give the hair fibre shine, volume and a much healthier appearance.

• PERFUME: fragrance with a floral and fruity olfactory set, are a first touches of Mandarin and Pear, complemented by floral touches of Rose, Spikenard and Heliotrope and with a background of wood and musk.

How to apply:
Apply in short bursts approximately 30 cm away from the hair with circular movements. Do not apply in the eyes or on skin irritations. Do not spray at less than the specified distance because the effect and finish of the hairspray on the hair will not be optimal.


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