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Hipertin – Utopik Deco Plex


New wight: 500 mg

Utopik Deco Plex; Hipertin bleaches allow you to achieve maximum whitening with extreme hair care. Its homogeneous and stable, non-volatile formula prevents dust from forming during mixing.

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Specific bleaching for resistant, hard and waterproof hair and total bleaching jobs. Lightens up to 9 shades. Non-volatile.

Its innovative formula contains Plex technology, a high concentrate of Polycondensed Sugars and Conditioning Agents that protect the hair throughout the bleaching process. Thanks to its anti-breakage action: They increase the strength, resistance and elasticity of the hair. They reduce aggressions to the hair fiber, effectively avoiding breakage in the structures of any type of hair.

Ideal for all types of bleaching techniques.

We recommend using it with the oxygenated UTOPIK OX.

Format: 500gr Jar, with handle and spoon.


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