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Hipertin – Repairing Ritual


Dehydration is the inability to retain water in the hair. The source of this phenomenon begins in the cuticle, and if it is not remedied it leads to its malnutrition.

Excessive technical processes can cause dehydration. Hair symptoms are as follows: breaks easily and loses elasticity, movement, thickness and shine. Ends are open and brittle, hair bleaches and tangles easily.

We fight it with the Repairing Ritual.



Specially indicated for dry and damaged hair. Total nutrition for hair, reducing and eliminating dryness. The combination of Marine Algae Extract and Marine Inula create an elastic and non-greasy layer that nourishes hair, providing it with vitality, shine and silkiness.


Mask especially indicated for fragile, dry and damaged hair. Thanks to its formula, based on Keratin Hydrolysate, Seaweed extracts, Marine Inula and sun filter, it acts on hair to give it a silky, nourished and luminous appearance without weighing it down.


This is a treatment especially indicated for dyed, dry and damaged hair. Eliminates static charge, helps protect and restore keratin to hair, providing a high degree of softness. Thanks to its composition based on vitamins, silk hydrolysate, rosehip, biotin, vegetable extracts, amino acids, pro-vitamin B5 and vegetable oils rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fats, among others, hair recovers its healthy and shiny look.

With dyed hair, it helps to maintain the colour and to nourish the hair.


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