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Hipertin – Sensitive Scalp Shampoo


  • Conditions and softens the hair
  • Helps soothe scalp irritation
  • Provides nutrition for both hair and scalp
  • Helps improve scalp blood circulation
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SENSITIVE SCALP SHAMPOO is a soothing shampoo suitable for sensitive scalps that are prone to irritation. Enriched with Pineapple Extract and Aloe Vera. Its PH regulatory formula is ideal for daily use, respecting the hair fibre and protecting the scalp, leaving hair soft, shiny and silky.

Active ingredients and components:

• PINEAPPLE EXTRACT : It has powerful benefits such as antioxidants, is a source of vitamins and its bromelain content helps to relieve scalp conditions while providing nutrients to the hair.

• ALOE VERA : This world-renowned plant is versatile, with several great properties that make it a vital contribution to the hair thanks to its nutrients, proteins, minerals and antioxidants, among others, making it essential for healthy hair growth, improving the blood circulation of the scalp by revitalising it, relieving irritation and itching with its anti-inflammatory effect.

• CALENDULA : A flower with numerous properties, health benefits and a calming effect.

Method of application:

Apply the product on wet hair and emulsify by massaging until a lather is achieved; completely rinse all the shampoo out.


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